Eight Recipes of Home Made Ice Cream and Dutch Hot Cherry Sauce

Eight Recipes of Home Made Ice Cream and Dutch Hot Cherry Sauce

I love ice cream,. It is light, quite easy to make and to store, you can mix it with different toppings, fruit salad, serve it with cookies. Add some hot cherry sauce on it and almost everyone likes it . Ice cream can be served all year-round, not only in the summer. Ice cream will be always on the top of my list as the most versatile dessert. Yes, you can buy it, but it won’t taste as delicious as when you prepare it yourself.

This is an easy way to prepare it:

Vanilla Home Made Ice Cream :

1 liter milk

12 tbsp sugar

12 egg yolks (preferably bio/organic eggs, to get the nice yolk color)

1 vanilla bean

A pinch of salt

Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture is light and all the sugar is melted. When you taste it, you shouldn’t feel the crunch of sugar in it.

Heat the milk on low fire with the vanilla and the salt, but don’t let it boil. When the vanilla taste is strong enough, let it cool down a bit, then add the eggs and sugar mixture. Cook for a few minutes on low fire. Keep stirring constantly, until a spoon you immerse in the mixture stays covered in cream.

Place the custard in your ice cream maker and let it run for about one hour. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, you can use a mixer for about 15 minutes on a medium speed, then pour it into a plastic container. Allow to cool down in the freezer for a few hours.

Now this is the Vanilla ice cream , but this mixture can be also be used as a base for other flavors of ice cream, by just replacing vanilla or adding different ingredients.

For example:

Lemon Rice Home Made Ice Cream :

200g of rice that has previously been boiled in milk

Lemon zest – add as much you like, you also can use orange zest if you want orange taste

2 tbsp of limoncello

Stracciatella Home Made Ice Cream :

Prepare the vanilla ice cream, and when the ice cream is almost ready in the Ice Cream Maker add shredded chocolate (milk , dark). Mix it again until the chocolate shreds are evenly distributed .

Coffee Home Made Ice Cream :

Add about 300g of fresh cream to the base mix, and a cup of espresso.

Macedonia Home Made Ice Cream :

Prepare the base mixture. When almost ready in the Ice Cream Maker, add about 400g of fruit of your choice . The fruit must be previously cut in small, medium cubes and drained of juice .

Fudge Home Made Ice Cream :

Prepare the base mixture. Separately fix a caramel sauce, from sugar and condensed milk. Have about 200g of fudge already cubed . When the base mix is almost ready, add the caramel sauce and whisk it for a while . Add all in the Ice Cream maker. When almost ready, add the fudge pieces to it .

Ginger Home Made Ice Cream :

50g of fresh ginger . Boil the ginger in to the milk instead of vanilla, respecting the basic recipe.

Special Christmas Home Made Ice Cream :

Cinnamon sticks

100g dark chocolate

About 10 ginger biscuits

A dash of rum

When preparing the ice cream base, replace the vanilla beans with cinnamon sticks . Separately melt the chocolate in bain-marie and add a spoon of fresh cream. When ready, add it to the milk and eggs yolks, with just a dash of rum. Stir for a while. Put it in the ice cream maker. When it’s almost ready, add the previously crumbled biscuits.

Since I live in the Netherlands, I thought it wouldn’t be fair if I didnt’t share with you the Dutch recipe for the delicious hot cherry sauce for the ice cream. So here is the recipe, you must try it out .This pairs best with vanilla ice cream.

2 cans of cherries

1 cup of sugar

Drain the cherries, place the juice in a pan on the stove, together with the sugar. Whisk it on a low fire, until it reaches boiling point. Boil it for about 3-4 minutes, stiring constantly untill it thickens. Remove it from the fire and add the cherries. And voila, it is done.

This has to be served hot, on top of ice cream .

To tell you the truth, an ice cream maker will ease your work a whole lot. Even if my kitchen and my recepes are quite traditional, I still consider kitchen gadgets to be of great help.

Have a nice day and Happy Holidays !


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