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I grew up with home cooked meals, and my mother always used to make all from scratch. Home cooked meals was my 2nd nature but then later when I moved alone I didn’t always cook for myself. Because cooking your meals from scratch was so uncool and time-consuming, there where tons of take away flyers and the shelves full of ready to go goodies. It was only later when I had a comeback and fall in love all over again with the kitchen. I can say that it is my hobby because often I read cookbooks and culinary textbooks that taught me about the chemistry of cooking, the magic of spices and how to play with fire. It was magic again. Moving in the Netherlands was also one of the cooking factors because of the amount of cultures here I started to be curious about dishes and the fine cuisine of other countries and dig deeper in their pantry. Later I got a camera and I started to take pictures of my meals, then I got a book about food photography and I started to love it and try more because my curiosity for the food knowledge has never slowed down and the joy of having a good picture is priceless for me.

About my food:

I only use whole foods and natural ingredients, pretty much everything I eat is made from scratch, and this reflects in my blog recipes. I believe home cooking is the best way to know what you put in your mouth and ultimately what you feed your body with. I love eating clean and healthy, use the power of whole foods and natural ingredients. No that doesn’t mean I only have some green salads all day long. I eat all kind of foods, sweets, fries and stuff but I like to make them at home so I know what’s going into it.

About NotonlyCooking.com:

NotonlyCooking.com was created in 2013, by two best friends, Laura & Denise, as a fun corner, a place to share with people great recipes and maybe that cooking from scratch isn’t as intimidating, time consuming or expensive as they might think. Over the years new friends joined our team and now Evelyn is doing most of the cooking . We also try to focus on explaining step by step and measure everything because you know some grandma recipes are more like a handful of this with a pinch of this but they are extremely delicious and worth to share. All content, recipes, and photographs are created and run by us, unless otherwise noted.