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  • Light Pumpkin Frappuccino
    Today’s recipe, Light Pumpkin Frappuccino is the ultimate frozen treat and totally addicting for the pumpkin obsessed ones. Over the time I developed quite a pumpkin obsession so for me the happy season just started! It is fall everyone, pumpkin me everything!…
  • Triple Chocolate Chip Frappuccino
    Tadaaaam, ladies and gentleman I am very excited to share one of my favorite drinks recipe: my one and only super ultra-decadent not simple, not double but triple. Yes, my chocolate chip Frappuccino recipe is that decadent. But proceed with caution this…
  • Margarita Lime Agar Agar Cubes
    For girls night home or just  when you are watching your favorite tv show, for when you need no reason whatsoever for having fun, for  just a taste explosion in a summer night. For all the above reasons and not only you will absolutely love…
  • Raspberries Ginger and Mint Lemonade
    Every year this happens: I blink and summer passes, leaving me with my un accomplished agenda and my thoughts shifting from fruits lemonades, no-bake desserts, grilled dinners and delicious funny to make popsicle. Maybe because the summer is all about no fuss recipes,…
  • Minted Yogurt Drink
    Sometimes the Dukan diet can be pretty plain in the PP days and you need something more than water to cool yourself down on the hot summer days and that is when I started making this  Minted Yogurt Drink , Ayran….
  • First Tea Bombay Chai
    I confess I have a serious addiction to TEA. It’s been my favorite drink for a few years already… now that I think about it, I’ve always enjoyed a cup of tea, but I’ve liked it even more ever since I began living…

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