Dutch No-Bake Chocolate Treat

Dutch No-Bake Chocolate Treat

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 4 years now, yet I find out new things about this country and its inhabitants every day. One day, one of his colleagues brought a sweet treat to work to celebrate her birthday. A Dutch woman bringing to work a DELICIOUS home-made sweet treat? We must be dealing with an easy, no-fuss recipe, I said to my husband, asking him to enquire for the recipe. Without even having tasted it, I was right! How clever are the Dutch ladies, right?

As soon as I got this awesomely easy dessert recipe, I prepared it on a Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, there was not enough cake around to photograph. I prepared another batch on Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, more than half the second tray was gone. Alright, the recipe requires a small tray, but still… Of course I tweaked the recipe by adding milk powder and rum essence, which made it better than the original, my husband claims. I am planning to make a third batch today, strictly for photography purposes. Ladies and gentlemen, the Dutch No-Bake Chocolate Treat.

Ingredients list for Dutch No-Bake Chocolate Treat:

200 gr plain biscuits
200 gr unsalted butter
75 gr cocoa
2 Tbsp milk powder
1 egg
150 gr caster sugar
1 rum essence

Preparation method for Dutch No-Bake Chocolate Treat:

I have this huge mortar and pestle set, which comes very handy in bashing nuts or biscuits, or in making this awesome salad. I placed the biscuits inside the mortar, I bashed them in somewhat, leaving several larger bits in for texture. In the past I’ve also tried mashing the biscuits in the food processor, but then they were too finely ground.

Before you start making the chocolate sauce, line a small glass baking tray with aluminum foil for later use.

On to the sauce: heat the butter in a large steel pan. Gradually add the caster sugar and stir with a wooden spoon. When the sugar is incorporated, lower the fire and add the cocoa. Remove the sauce from the fire, add the milk powder and the rum essence. When the chocolate sauce is slightly cooled, add the egg and stir until a homogeneous mixture has formed. Adding the egg earlier will most likely result in scrambled eggs.

Carefully add the bashed-in biscuit pieces and stir at all times. Don’t worry if there are still white pieces of biscuit in the mixture, that’s actually the charm of this recipe. Carefully scoop the mixture into the glass tray, level everything with the wooden spoon and cool for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Because of the butter, this no-bake treat is best served chilled. Enjoy with tea or coffee.


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