Greek Restaurant Olympia Nootdorp

Greek Restaurant Olympia Nootdorp

Today I want to present to you one of the best restaurants in the area where I live,  greek restaurant olympia nootdorp. We discovered this place by accident, in March 2012, and we’ve been hooked ever since. We love the food and the ambiance so much, that we brought all our friends, coworkers and family to the Olympia Nootdorp Restaurant. That’s got to account for something. I would not recommend something unless I knew it was worth recommending, and this particular restaurant sure is.

Therefore, what is so good about Olympia Nootdorp? The food, of course!

These two photos are of the starter, which contains a fine selection of Greek salads: taramasalata (fish eggs), aubergine salad, salty cheese paste, dolmades (meat and rice rolls in vine leaves), and lovely meatballs with a tomato sauce. This is a portion for two persons. We normally share it with 3 or 4 people, otherwise we wouldn’t need to order anything else.

I am not a big fan of meat, but the dishes served here sure make me crave meat once in a while. All the grill dishes are grilled to perfection: not too dry, and not too raw. The spice array stays in the Mediterraneean category, as it should. I am particularly fond of the grilled liver, which is a must-try if you eat at the Olympia Nootdorp.

All the dishes are served with a huge Greek Salad, fries and rice. And, of course, lots and lots of deliciously addictive tzatziki sauce.

The lamb in the oven (Arniki Fourno) is definitely a crowd pleaser. We have friends who come here to eat, then order a portion of this fantastic lamb dish for at home. The meat is so soft and easy to chew, yet it doesn’t turn into a mush. The gorgeous tomato sauce has hints of thyme, all in the right proportion.

One other thing we love in the Olympia Nootdorp: the portions are huge, for a reasonable price. We never get to finish everything we order, so I find it useful to bring the left-overs home in a “foodie bag”, as the politically-correct crowd calls them. So much goodness cannot go to waste.

This restaurant not only has gorgeous food, to eat there or take away, but it makes you feel welcome all the time. The personnel is well trained, and they even remember one’s drink of choice. From the very first day we went there, the owners, Gianna and Achilleas, have been very friendly, which comes to say friendliness and a welcoming attitude are a habit for them. In the middle of all this Dutch coldness, they treat their customers as family, with warmth and smiles.

There is one more thing I must mention: even the desserts have always been just right in taste and size, for example this lovely ice cream and chocolate assortment.

Restaurant Olympia Nootdorp

If you ever need to bring your friends and family to a great restaurant, with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food, make sure you go to their website and book in advance. The place is crowded every evening.


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