Sardines and Rice Salad

Sardines and Rice Salad

Here is a delicious, cheap and easy fish-based recipe. It takes minutes to prepare the Sardines and Rice Salad, especially if you’ve prepared the rice ahead of time. Would you like to impress your family or guests with your cooking skills? Then serve them this scrumptious, but light meal!

Ingredients list for Sardines and Rice Salad:

300 g rice

600 ml stock: vegetable, chicken or fish

1-2 cans of sardines, boneless

4 tomatoes, diced

4 tbs olives of your choice

1 onion, cut into half rings

a handful of parsley or other fresh herbs, chopped

3 tbs olive oil

1 tbs lemon juice

salt, freshly ground pepper

Preparation method for Sardines and Rice Salad:

The most important step in preparing this delicious dish is cooking the rice, which is not always the easiest task. If you want the rice kernels to be defined and not soggy, you should not use too much liquid. Washing the rice a few times before cooking helps remove the starch which would otherwise make the rice grains stick together. Bring the rice to a boil in a closed pan, then lower the temperature to the minimum and simmer for 10-12 minutes. Do not stir too often, otherwise the rice will break. When the cooking time is up, give the rice at least 10 minutes resting time before using it in a dish. The steam will distribute evenly throughout the whole pan, giving your rice a delicious flavor. After these 10 minutes have passed, spread the rice onto a flat plate to cool down.

Divide the sardines into pieces and mix them with the rest of the ingredients into the cooled rice. Make a salad dressing by whisking the oil with lemon, salt and pepper, then fold into the rice. This salad tastes better after spending a couple of hours in the fridge, but you can certainly serve it right away.

Bon appetite!


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