• Chinese Style Pork and Shrimp with Veggies
    Hello, everyone! Are you wondering what’s for dinner tonight? How about some Chinese Style Pork and Shrimp with Veggies? Ingredients for Chinese Style Pork and Shrimp with Veggies 4 tbs coconut oil 2 onions, chopped salt pepper 400g pork steaks, cubed 750 g bok choy, cut into strips 2 tbs oyster sauce 2…
  • Meatless Monday Flavorful Summer Frittata
    When you’re looking for something quick to eat on a weekday evening or for a weekend brunch, you might find this Flavorful Summer Frittata to be the perfect recipe. It doesn’t take long to put together, it tastes incredible due to the…
  • Indian Restaurant Curry’s Rotterdam

    Indian Restaurant Curry’s Rotterdam

    Published by - Oct 8, 2015
    Whenever I crave Indian spicy food, but I am not in the mood to cook, I drive to this amazing place. I have discovered the Indian Restaurant Curry’s Rotterdam relatively recently, but I keep coming back because of the deliciously authentic Indian food….
  • Beef and Chorizo Burgers with Beetroot Relish
    When a simple hamburger at the local fast-food joint is not the best option, choose to make your own hamburger from scratch. It’s much easier than it seems, and isn’t it great when you know exactly what you are eating? Today’s Beef…
  • Light Pumpkin Frappuccino

    Light Pumpkin Frappuccino

    Published by - Sep 16, 2015
    Today’s recipe, Light Pumpkin Frappuccino is the ultimate frozen treat and totally addicting for the pumpkin obsessed ones. Over the time I developed quite a pumpkin obsession so for me the happy season just started! It is fall everyone, pumpkin me everything!…
  • Teriyaky Bok-Choy Chicken with Rice

    Teriyaky Bok-Choy Chicken with Rice

    Published by - Sep 2, 2015
    Teriyaky Bok-Choy Chicken with Rice is basically chicken stir-fried with bok choy. I bought  some fresh bok choy today and I had to use it while it was still crunchy. This is why I prepared this bok-choy chicken recipe, and I can…
  • Chinese Cashew Chicken

    Chinese Cashew Chicken

    Published by - Aug 30, 2015
    Does your family love Chinese food? Then this Chinese Cashew Chicken recipe is what you must try for the next family dinner! It tastes better than take away Chinese food and it is ready in just a few minutes! Would you like…